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It all started with ...

an innovative idea and a severe teacher shortage across the state of California. With funds provided by the California Legislature, a system-wide vision, and a team of dedicated teacher educators, CalStateTEACH, online site-based program was launched in 1999. Since 2001, the program has credentialed 6,143 multiple subject teachers. 

Our Multiple Subject Preliminary Program

CalStateTEACH is the CSU’s system-wide online Multiple Subject Program and one of 23 California Commission on Teacher Credentialing approved teacher preparation programs in the CSU System. The curriculum is delivered online and candidates are placed in classrooms with site mentors  in all three terms of the program. Candidates are assigned in cohorts with CalStateTEACH faculty. The program is divided into three terms, each containing 15 semester units of coursework and clinical experience.

The program offers three pathways to the credential: Student Teaching Option, Intern Teacher Option and Employed Private Teacher Option.

Find out about the Intern Early Completion Option (ECO).

The CalStateTEACH Intern Early Completion Program Application (ECO)

Attend a CalStateTEACH Teacher Preparation with CalStateTEACH Faculty

Our CalStateTEACH Induction Program

The program is designed for participants who have a Multiple Subject, Single Subjects or Educational Specialist Preliminary Credential and wish to clear their teaching credential but do not otherwise have access to a district/county office or university Induction Program. Based on current CalStateTEACH Preliminary Credential enrollment, it is expected that Induction participants will live in rural areas where it takes a long time to travel to a traditional program or in urban areas where traffic and parking add too much time to their commute to an LEA or university campus. 

Collaboration and communication occur both on-site and online with faculty and school-based support. Candidates gain significant personalized support from their assigned faculty Lead Mentors, who orient them and school site personnel to the program, provide Colleague Coach training for effective support, and review their growth in the California Standards for the Profession (CSTP).  In addition to the virtual mentoring and collaboration, they receive an average of not less than one hour per week of individualized support at their school site. Their on-site Colleague Coaches, who are credentialed teachers at their school site, provide valuable support and assistance to CalStateTEACH participants.

To learn more or Apply to the Program, go to our The CalStateTEACH Induction Program website.



The CalStateTEACH curriculum is based on the California Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs), the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP), 21st century skills, and cognition and learning research. CalStateTEACH offers a spiraling, integrated curriculum that includes classroom management, learning theory, and pedagogy in every term. CalStateTEACH is an outcomes-based program that uses a candidate data dashboard to drive instruction and improve clinical practice.  

CalStateTEACH teacher candidates acquire new 21st Century knowledge and skills, use new media literacies and digital tools, work on collaborative teams, create new strategies and techniques, use appropriate technologies for teaching and learning, and create new spaces for teaching and learning. Candidates utilize the iPad to present content to children and to support children in making and demonstrating content.   The expectation of using personal mobile devices within the classroom invites innovation from teacher candidates. Technology provides assistance and support for candidates to differentiate in creative ways

Within the CalStateTEACH course portal, candidates access their collaborative community, CalStateTEACH multi-touch books, program calendar, etextbooks, iSupervision tool and lesson frame, Live-binder collection of all curricular resources, grade book, announcements and help desk. All resources necessary to participate in the Program are available through this interface.

After the start of the program, participants are emailed codes to redeem for an iPad while textbooks are pushed out by RedShelf, an e-book delivery entity when classes begin. These resources are covered by the materials fee and are used throughout the program.


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The CalStateTEACH "campus" also includes the school site where candidates work. Candidates gain significant personalized support from their assigned faculty member, who observe them at their school site and through videoconferencing. Additionally, cooperating and master teachers and on-site mentors  provide valuable assistance to CalStateTEACH participants.

CalStateTEACH has regional centers that serve students throughout the state: the Central and Southern Regions. 


Although there is no physical campus, CalStateTEACH candidates, faculty, and Regional Directors build a campus community, just as traditional candidates do. The difference is that the community is online. There candidates develop strong bonds with faculty and peers.

The online environment provides multiple opportunities to build  community. Faculty, candidates, and mentors participate in collaborative communities, engage in "real-time" chats, communicate through email, videoconferencing, and social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


CalStateTEACH Accreditation
All Common and Program Standards Met

 On October 27, 2011, the Committee on Accreditation accepted the recommendation of the Bureau of Institutional Reviewers. The Program was deemed exemplary and commended for its mentoring of candidates and the organization of the accreditation website and site visit.

CalStateTEACH Accreditation Report.

Federal Title II Report Card

Annual Report Card on California Teacher Preparation Programs for the Academic Year 2015-2016

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Dashboard