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The CalStateTEACH Program

CalStateTEACH is designed for those who either wish to become a multiple subject teacher but are unable to attend a traditional, classroom-based teacher education program (Student Teaching Option), or for those who are already teaching without a credential (Intern or Employed Private Teacher Option).

The program's foundation is self-study with online materials, E-Texts, videos, web-based "class discussions," and on-site coaching. All participating teacher candidates are required to have access to a computer with online capability.

CalStateTEACH on iPadParticipants utilize a course website to access their curriculum materials, activity discussion rooms, important resource materials and technology support. They also interact with their assigned CSU faculty member by e-mail, videoconferencing, and face-to-face at their school site. They receive on-site support from a site mentor (Intern or Private School Option)or a cooperating and master teacher (Student Teaching Option).

The program is divided into three terms, each containing 15 semester units coursework and clinical experience.

Since there are no campus-based classes, the program is divided into three administrative regions. Candidates are assigned to centers based on the location of the school district in which they live or teach.

Despite the reliance on technology, participants do not need to be technology wizards to succeed in the program. As long as they are comfortable with e-mail and accessing the Internet, they can easily adapt. The CalStateTEACH help desk provides assistance to participants and faculty.

Want to know more about CalStateTEACH? Download our One-Page Flyer (requires Acrobat Reader from Adobe).

What the Terms Mean

California Subject Examination for Teachers.
The CSET measures content area knowledge of K-8 subjects and provides one avenue for meeting the State of California's subject matter competency requirements for a multiple subject credential. All teacher candidates must meet subject matter competency before enrolling in term 2 of the CalStateTEACH program.
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Multiple Subject Classroom
In a multiple subject classroom, the core curricula, including language arts, social studies, math and science, are taught to students in a self-contained classroom. Middle school instructors teaching core subjects may qualify.

Split Term One Track
By spreading the first term over two 15-week terms, the Split Term One Track option gives prospective teachers more time to study for the CSET. The program takes  4 terms to complete. Additional fees apply.

CalStateTEACH is divided into four geographical regions: Northeastern and Central California, Coastal California/San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles County and Southern Counties. 
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