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March 2008
Volume 1 - Issue 2
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"The bill would establish a leadership coaching program for public school administrators"

Dead on Arrival?

In anticipation of a "Year of Educational Reform" a number of studies and a great deal of research were set in motion. Among those working at improving the educational condition was the Superintendent of Public Education's P-16 Council.  Their report on professional development contained 10 recommendations.  An important, and often overlooked aspect of student achievement can be found in their recommendation number seven:

The state agencies responsible for administrative credentialing should require new administrators, as well as experienced school and district-level leaders who are hired into new positions, to participate in publicity financed leadership induction and support program for a minimum of two years.

The $16 Billion deficit in the state budget shortstopped the Governor's own Committee for Education Excellence's recommendation to "Expand and Strengthen Administrator Training" …by allowing county superintendents  and districts to provide "Induction" support to administrators that is modeled after the successful Beginning teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) program.

Every year brings hundreds of proposed new laws that would impact education.  Last year was no different.  Among those that caught the eye was a Senate Bill written by Jack Scott.  You will recall his omnibus education bill (SB 1209) that brought about 30 changes in the law.  Senator Scott is a very influential legislator and his proposed legislation is taken seriously.

Last year his SB 961 offered another powerful change in how we go about improving the quality of education in California.  The bill would establish a leadership coaching program for public school administrators. As written, the state would allocate financial support of $5,000 per year for each participating principal with the local district contributing another $1,000. 

Therein lies the rub…money.  The cost factor caused this piece of potential legislation to be buried in the Senate Appropriations Suspense File…where it was.  Ready and waiting.