Photo of teacher and student California State University Teacher Preparation Program Wordmark
October 2008
Volume 1 - Issue 3

Teaching Credentials Check Shortcut

Photo of young student readingThe Commission on Teaching Credentialing (CTC) has moved a great deal of what they do into today’s digital world.  This modern tool makes their work faster and more accurate.  It also allows them to provide public access to some important information.  A prime example, to be found on the CTC’s web site, is the availability to check on the teaching credentials of any licensed teacher in California.  All you need to know is the teacher’s first and last name.  With this knowledge, and access to the digital portal, the response is almost instantaneous. 

We’ve taken the hunt out of the process to provide you with the direct link to the CTC’s credentials search page.  By clicking on the following address (you may want to bookmark this for future use) you are there:

Try a credential’s check by using your own name to see how this works.  The Commission has a great deal more available to you.  You may want to take advantage of the link to the CTC home page that is available to you in the “Resources” list found on the left margin of the front page.