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June 2010
Volume 2 - Issue 1
Jorge Ramirez

Why CalStateTEACH Worked for Me

Jorge Ramirez is a CalStateTEACH graduate from the Fresno Regional program. Upon graduation he taught in a bilingual program at an elementary school before moving on to teach middle school English Language Development, world history and English Language Acquisition. Jorge’s success soon found him working in school administration. He is now Vice Principal/program manager at Southeast Elementary School in the Fresno Unified School District. His knowledge and capability have also led to his involvement in the creation of two new schools within his district.

Mr. Ramirez has been successful because he is bright, talented, and well-prepared. When asked about his success, Jorge said, "CalStateTEACH prepared me for success in several ways. The most important was in lesson design and delivery. Because the program’s nucleus consists of the California Standards of the Teaching Profession (CSTP), every instructional thought and action revolved around a CSTP and a set of content standards. As a result, I was able to readily identify those standards that were most critical to a content area and cross-reference them across other grade level content standards to determine their 'weight' in terms of conceptual value."

"Having been part of an online community who regularly participated in discussion boards, and posted and retrieved standards-based lessons opened many doors for me," Jorge continued. "I co-authored a grant in which SmartBoards and DLP projectors were donated to our school. In addition, my students participated in online community projects with students throughout the globe. In order to successfully complete the grant program, one must collaborate with fellow cohort counterparts. This is probably the most valuable practice that I developed as a result of the program. As a teacher, and now administrator, I continue to collaborate with an open mind. In this profession, those who isolate themselves are destined to fail. They in turn let down their colleagues, their students and the extensive gamut of stakeholders who count on them to deliver quality instruction."

"Anyone who is interested in the CalStateTEACH program should be well-disciplined," Jorge said. "The program’s success relies heavily on this virtue. The type of learner who prefers to sit through classroom lectures, learn the theory and then eventually practice should explore the more conventional venue. I would especially recommend the program to those who have prior classroom experience, be it as a paraprofessional, classroom aide, etc. It’s important to mention that CST provides support along the way via on and off-site personnel. Finally, CalStateTEACH maintains a cutting edge when it comes to technology in the classroom. School districts are always looking for emerging tech-savvy teachers who know how to plan around content standards and are reflective practitioners. This is precisely what CalStateTEACH produces."


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